hind and the liver of martyr hamza - toufic alouia - مركز الأمة الواحدة
hind and the liver of martyr hamza - toufic alouia

hind and the liver of martyr hamza - toufic alouia

شارك المقال

On the fifteenth of the month of Shawwal of the third year of the Prophet's blessed Prophet and specifically in the battle of one of Hind Bint was able to kill her father and her brother in the battle of Badr to identify a professional shooting artist named [brutal] and was a slave at the restaurant Ben Jbeir.

One Nation Center - Islamic-Toufic Hassan Alouia wrote a writer and researcher from Lebanon

Although the woman of Khanand - who was the owner of the wedding banners, although it was a series of disastrous and unappreciated attributions - is considered in the general custom of women dishwashers, but it has done to the man what he wants of money and desire and the like so that one of the three people assassinated in the order Not by choice:
- The Great Prophet (PBUH) as the first target number
Imam Al - Mu'minin (p) Ali bin Abi Talib (p) as the second target.
Hamza bin Abdul Muttalib, uncle of the Prophet (PBUH) as a third target.
He admitted brutally that he was unable to kill the great Prophet (PBUH) because he saw his successor as he sees before him, and his inability to kill Ali (AS) because he is brave and insightful and meets his wisdom and knowledge with his courage and strength and vice versa. His courage and his feet indifferent to the departed.
Thus, this man was able to kill Hamza, peace be upon him, and this killing resulted in several things:

The first: that Hamza (p) became the master of the martyrs without the present, when he was martyred Hussein peace be upon him is the master of the martyrs absolute while Hamzah peace be upon him the master of the martyrs of the time before Hussein peace be upon him

The second: Hind carried out her promise with a wild beast and gave him all that a man wanted from a woman, gave him lust and money and what she desired.

Third: Hind performed on the representation of the body of Hamza (p) in revenge for her hatred of the state approach, cut off from his body all the pieces of good even what is not imagined by the mind and appealed to the printing and made him necklaces and ornaments, and among others extracted his liver Sharif, which was finished and then named Eat the liver, and called her children Paulad eater

In the sources of the Sunnah, it was narrated in Fath al-Bari, Ibn Hajar, c. 7, p. 272. Ibn Ishaq said to me, Saleh bin Kisan said, "India and the women came out with her, representing the dead, finding the ears and the nose even Hind took it from her chests and necklaces and gave her packs and necklaces, ie, those who had a penalty for him to kill Hamza and Bakrt from the liver of Hamza Vlktha could not Ttsgha Vlfztha and it was said in the classes of the great Muhammad bin Saad - C 3 - p 12: Tell us Ouf from Muhammad said I was informed that Hind bint ibn ibn Rabia came in the parties on Sunday and had vowed when you appreciated the fever Of bin Abdul Muttalib to Tokln of his liver, he said when he was injured Hamza, representing the dead and came Bhzh from liver Hamza took her chew to eat it was not able to be swallowed Vlfeztha that reached the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and said that God had forbidden the fire taste of Hamza flesh something never
This was reported in the history of al-Tabari c 2 - p. 204 (said Abu Jaafar) and stood Hind Bint threshold, as told by the son of Hamid said Salameh told us told me Mohammed bin Ishaq told me Saleh bin Kisan and women with whom they represent the dead companions of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him He finds about the ears and the nose until Hind took from the ears of men and their nose and necklaces and gave her servants and necklaces and her throat and brutally Gholam Jbeir bin restaurant and Bqrat the liver Hamzah Vlktha could not Ttsgha Vlfztha, as stated by the author of the beginning and end Rg 4 - p 42. Ibn Ishaq: And Hind bint Ataba - as Saleh ibn Qaysan told me - and the women with whom they were killed Of the Messenger of Allah (r) finds all ears and noses so that India has taken the men's ears and noses and necklaces servants and gave her servants and Qlaidha and Crdoha laterally. And I despised the liver of Hamzah, so she could not pronounce it. Musa ibn Aqabah said: "Whoever prays for the liver of Hamza is barbaric, and he carries it to India, so he can not remove it, for Allaah knows best."

In the sources of the Shiite Ford in the interpretation of Al-Qami 1 - p 116: Was brutal slave to Jabir bin Habashia restaurant, he said wildly either Muhammad, I do not appreciate him, but I saw him a cautious man very attentive I did not repented, he said Vkmnt Lezza I saw him give people this Vamr my foot On the cliff of a river fell, I took my war Vhzztha and threw him fell in his hand and went out of his bladder immersed in blood Vtagt Fatih Vtqqt stomach and took his liver and I came to India, I said this liver Hamzah, Vtktha in which Vlktha God in it like Dagsp Vlvztha and threw it God sent a king Vlmlha And he returned to its place, said Abu Abdullah peace be upon him, God refuses to enter something A body of Hamza shot, came to him Hind cut his hair and cut off his ears and made them Khorsin and hardness in the neck, and cut off his hands and legs. This is stated in the explanation of the judge Numan Moroccan - C 1 - p 275: And when Hamza, may Allah be pleased with him came to India, Vbqrt stomach and took a piece of liver, Frmt in it and eat to eat, you could not swallow anything, Vlvztha, because he killed Day of Badr Abha. And a triangle by it, so told the Messenger of Allah prayers of God and his family. He said: It was not to eat, even if I ate, because of the fire of hell and had a mixer meat Hamza peace be upon him. In the lamp of the prostitute Sheikh Tusi responded to the supplication: and the son of the eulogist and intended India. And in the characteristics of the Sadouk, where he said: and fight the son of the eulogist intended by India. And in the book Salim bin Qais where he said: and their son the son of the eulogist.

Fourth: The Prophet (pbuh) was sad when he was killed and the sight of his body is very sad and inconceivable. According to the accounts that the Prophet did not see Hamza was dead, and he saw how he felt like him.
The narrators also remember that the Prophet passed by the women of Bani Abd al-Ash'al when he was not finished, and he heard them weeping for those who were martyred by one. The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said: "But Hamzah does not have a boaky." So Saad bin Mu'adh went to the women of Bani Abd al-Ash'al and ordered them to go. To the door of the Messenger of God and Fikkeen on Hamza, so they went to Peking.
A woman from Al-Ansar did not cry after that day on a dead woman, but she began to cry over Hamza and then cried for her death. And it became a year after the people of the city, until the sword came to Gilpha and prevented it.
The Prophet (PBUH) saw the angels washing Hamza (p), and he prayed on the Hamzah with every prayer prayed to the martyrs of one, until he prayed 70 times.
Fifth: What matters to us here, namely the lesson of the incident of eating Hamza liver by the eulogies of the grandmother of the past and modern Sufyanis.
The Sufayans inherited the hatred of India over Islam and Muslims and the people of the state of Muhammad and Muhammad (PBUH) as the custodians of Islam.
So they began to kill the dissidents, and then they turned on his daughter, and they attacked her daughter, burned him and her enemies, broke her side and rib, and killed her and killed her. Then they began to kill the opponents. , And they killed Saad bin Abada and others, and killed Malik bin Nuweira and weighed his wife, and killed all those who oppose them with different addresses, and so continued their injustice and Bgihm until they went, and received the Commander of the believers (p) virtual Caliphate began the approach to the sword of the sword of the war from Aisha, The liver.
And the killing of al-Hasan al-Sabt al-Shaheed (p), after the reconciliation of the peace, the revocation of treachery, hypocrisy and disbelief, and the killing of Shiites Ali (p), and the age of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) And on the succession to the King of Udud, and after his death and his delegation to the fire of hell, came the body of the hatred of India to kill Hussein (p) and his companions, And the Prophet of the daughters of the Prophet (PBUH), and deliberately burned the Kaaba, and the people of the city and killed and raped women and impose allegiance to them by requiring that they are his slaves

Then came the Umayyad group of the Safavid Umayyad, causing corruption in the country and the slaves and drank from the blood of the Muslims and milked their money, and then came the era of the Abbasid Abbasid and went on their approach and their behavior and their punishment in the era of Mansour and Harun and Mutawakil and others.

Then came the other Sefidic epochs that Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi - but the corruption of religion - which was a Zionist agent with distinction, and the series of hatreds with all the Safavian authority until the settlement of Ibn Wahab and his group, and ruled Sufian Hijaz and still until now, and the events of Syria to come back to the year of eulogies To life again.

Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan. Iraq witnessed the most horrific massacres culminating in the hands of Saddam Hussein, who made Iraq a second Iraq from the excess of what was killed. The month of Shaaban more than 400 thousand martyrs, this wholesale or retail happened nothing is wrong, not to mention the killing of Iranians in a futile war by American and Zionist orders, and after it reached the height of criminality in Iraq massacre Spyker, which killed nearly 2500 martyrs were killed Sabra, The murder was great and the sun burned And in one of them was an expression of the embodiment of the hatred of India eating the liver with the heart of one of the innocent innocent after his chest in front of cameras and television screens. In Lebanon, massacres were committed against the Shiites of Muhammad and Muhammad. In Iran, innocent people were targeted, The massacres of the Haram al-Makki were superfluous, and they came once to Karbala on Eid al-Ghadir and killed those who were killed and raped by those who raped them and destroyed what they destroyed. Thousands of people were recently executed by installments. And they are still dead, vile, arrogant, imprisoned and starved Only in terms of his mandate to Mohammed and al-Muhammad, and in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nigeria and other countries, did the metaphor against the sun strike strongly, and even Kuwait this peaceful country has not escaped from the crimes of the Soviets.

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